Love it or hate it, WordPress is still the blog of choice.

So why do so many bloggers choose WordPress, firt of all it is fairly easy to set up, secondly it is pretty simple to use.

You don’t need to be an Internet expert or an HTML coder to use WordPress. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser to create your website.

The Pitfalls

1.The most serious disadvantage of WordPress, from our and other web developers viewpoint, is that you are exposed to security vulnerabilities. Due to the fact that you are using one of the most popular software platforms in the world, your site gets hit every time when the world gets hit. That means you need to be on top of security.

Automatic upgrades

Sounds good, Nevertheless, this fancy feature is more of a curse than a blessing. It is recommended to remove the ability of updating themes and plugins from your production environment. Otherwise you will constantly troubleshoot problems an automatic upgrade caused.

CPU Consumtion

Ask a webmaster who is hosting WordPress on a shared server how difficult at times it becomes to reduce the CPU usage.

If you are going to run a big e-commerce project, WordPress might seem not the best solution

It’s not as good in handling large inventories compared to say Arastta. This is inherently due to the limitations in how content is stored within WordPress. We are not saying it’s impossible to build a large store using WordPress. Anything is possible. But it would be very hard to maintain it.

To summarize, would we use WordPress, Yes and why not, all software has it’s place and WordPress has it’s place as a blog, we just wouldn’t use it as a main site.